Hotspot 1: Bidart Beaches – The Seaside Getaway

Welcome to Bidart, a pearl of the Basque Coast, where authentic charm blends harmoniously with natural beauty. Our first stop takes you to the Bidart beaches, an essential hotspot for sea and surf lovers. Hop on your Sobilo bike and let yourself be carried away by the gentle murmur of the waves and the sea breeze. Discover Ilbarritz Beach with its majestic cliffs or Bidart Centre Beach with its friendly atmosphere. Enjoy the warm sand and refreshing waves for moments of absolute relaxation.

Hotspot 2: Bidart Village – Basque Authenticity

Immerse yourself in the heart of Basque authenticity by exploring Bidart Village by bike. This hotspot is brimming with charm and traditions. Pedal through narrow streets and let yourself be immersed in the warm atmosphere that prevails. Admire the brightly colored Basque houses and discover the Saint-Joseph church, a testament to the region’s history. Take a break in the small shops and enjoy the local craftsmanship. Bidart Village is a true journey through time, where conviviality and the Basque way of life come together beautifully.

Hotspot 3: Bidart Cliffs – The Wild Beauty

The cliffs of Bidart offer a striking natural spectacle. On a bike, venture to this enchanting hotspot and let yourself be amazed by the wild beauty that unfolds before you. Traverse the coastal paths that wind along the cliffs, offering breathtaking panoramas of the ocean. Take the time to observe the seabirds soaring over the turquoise waters and feel the power of nature unleashed upon the rocks. The cliffs of Bidart are a true invitation to contemplation and connection with nature.

Hotspot 4: Coastal Trail – Nature Exploration

Finally, conclude your cycling adventure in Bidart by taking the coastal trail, a true haven of peace for nature lovers. Hop on your Sobilo bike and let yourself be guided along the paths that wind through lush vegetation. Enjoy the magnificent views of the rugged coastline, the sandy beaches, and the hidden coves. Bidart’s coastal trail is an invitation to explore and discover the natural treasures of this preserved region.

Cycling in Bidart is an experience to be fully embraced. Whether you’re young or not so young, biking offers you complete freedom to explore the enchanting hotspots of this beautiful Basque destination. Get on your Sobilo bike and let yourself be guided through Bidart. Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of this picturesque village, where Basque charm blends with natural beauty. Enjoy moments of pleasure, discovery, and rejuvenation that Bidart has to offer.

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