Hotspot 1: Guethary Beach – Seaside Getaway

Welcome to Guethary, a small gem on the Basque Coast where charm and authenticity blend beautifully. Our first stop takes you to Guethary Beach, an essential hotspot for sea and surf lovers. Hop on your Sobilo bike and let yourself be carried away by the laid-back atmosphere of the coast. Enjoy the golden sand, powerful waves, and friendly vibe that characterize this picturesque beach. Whether you’re an experienced surfer or simply someone who loves a dip in the sea, Guethary Beach is the perfect spot to recharge by the ocean.

Hotspot 2: Guethary Harbor – Maritime Authenticity

Immerse yourself in maritime authenticity as you explore Guethary Harbor by bike. This hotspot is brimming with charm and maritime traditions. Cruise along the docks and admire the colorful boats gently swaying on the water. Immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of this typical Basque Coast port. Take a break at one of the seaside cafes and enjoy the breathtaking view of the ocean. Guethary Harbor is a true delight for those who are passionate about the sea and Basque authenticity.

Hotspot 3: Guethary Cliffs – Untamed Beauty

The Guethary cliffs offer a breathtaking natural spectacle. Hop on your bike and make your way to this enchanting hotspot to be mesmerized by the untamed beauty that unfolds before you. Follow the coastal paths that wind along the cliffs, providing awe-inspiring vistas of the ocean. Take a moment to gaze at the waves crashing against the rocky walls and let the sea breeze gently caress your face. The Guethary cliffs are a true haven of peace, allowing you to connect with nature and rejuvenate in serene tranquility.

Hotspot 4: Guethary Center – The Basque Way of Life

Continue your bike journey by exploring the heart of Guethary, a true embodiment of the Basque way of life. Ride through picturesque alleys and admire the traditional houses with colorful shutters. Take a break at one of the typical cafés or restaurants to savor local specialties and soak in the friendly atmosphere that prevails in this charming village. Immerse yourself in Basque culture by discovering art galleries and artisanal shops. The center of Guethary is a true gem where tradition and modernity harmoniously come together.

Hotspot 5: Coastal Trails – Nature Exploration

Finally, conclude your cycling adventure in Guethary by taking the coastal trails that lead you to preserved natural landscapes. Hop on your Sobilo bike and set out to explore secret coves, wild beaches, and panoramic viewpoints along the coast. Enjoy the fresh air, marine scents, and tranquility that pervade these enchanting trails. Guethary’s coastal paths are a true invitation to exploration and discovering the natural wonders of this preserved region.

Cycling in Guethary is a magical experience to be had. Whether you’re young or not so young, cycling will allow you to discover the enchanting hotspots of this authentic Basque village. Mount your Sobilo bike and let yourself be guided through Guethary. Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of this place, where natural beauty meets Basque charm. Enjoy moments of pleasure, escape, and rejuvenation that Guethary offers you during this enchanting getaway along the Basque Coast.

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