An electric bike is the perfect option for exploring the stunning Basque coast with ease and enjoyment. Here’s why:

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Breakage & theft 2,50€/day



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Our 2-seater electric bike by SOBILO

The biplace electric assist bike, approved and made in Bordeaux!

Choosing the YUVY biplace electric bike means opting for a friendly mode of transportation that combines quality and simplicity.

With its unique style and capacity to carry 2 people, you can impress your loved ones by taking them shopping or for a ride. Whether as a couple or with family, biking around will become a pleasure!

Discover Biarritz together with SOBILO – your electric bike rental agency in Biarritz!

If you wish to explore the beautiful city of Biarritz and its surroundings in a unique and enjoyable way, renting an electric bike is the ideal option for you. Located in the heart of Biarritz, our agency offers you the opportunity to rent electric bikes and embark on an adventure for two with the Elwing Yuvy biplace bike.

Our brand new biplace electric bike is specially designed to carry two people and allows you to share unforgettable moments while exploring Biarritz together. Whether you want to ride along the beaches, visit tourist attractions, or venture through the winding streets of the city center, the Elwing Yuvy biplace is perfect for enjoying Biarritz as a duo.

Renting an Elwing Yuvy biplace bike at SOBILO comes with many advantages. It allows you to share moments of complicity while discovering the wonders of Biarritz. Traveling as a duo enables pleasant conversations, taking photos together, and enjoying the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. It’s also an excellent option for couples seeking romance or families looking to create unique experiences during their vacation.

The Elwing Yuvy biplace bike is designed to offer optimal comfort to its passengers. With a sturdy structure and an electric pedal-assist system, this electric bike allows you to easily ride the roads of Biarritz without fatigue. Thanks to its long-lasting battery, you can enjoy long bike rides without worrying about running out of power. The electric assistance makes climbing hills easier and allows you to cover greater distances, providing you with a pleasant and effortless riding experience.

We PROVIDE in all our rentals: helmets, locks, and baskets, to make your rental experience even more convenient and enjoyable.

By choosing SOBILO to rent an electric bike in Biarritz, you also benefit from excellent customer service. We are committed to making your rental experience as enjoyable as possible. Our team is available to answer all your questions, provide information about local routes and points of interest, and help you make the most of your bike rental in Biarritz.

We offer flexible rental rates, allowing you to rent an electric bike for half a day, a full day, or even several days, depending on your needs and schedule. Whether you are on vacation or a resident of Biarritz, enjoy the freedom and outdoor mobility through the rental of an electric bike at SOBILO.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover all the treasures that Biarritz and its surroundings have to offer by bike! Rent an Elwing Yuvy biplace electric bike and enjoy an unforgettable experience together. Reserve now and experience the freedom of easy movement while exploring the wonders of Biarritz with your partner, friend, or family. Renting an Elwing Yuvy biplace electric bike at SOBILO is the perfect way to fully enjoy your stay in Biarritz as a duo.

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